Monday, August 3, 2009

What the hell are we doing now?

We've eaten at every restaurant in Seattle's ID . We need a new hood to hate on. Georgetown seems like a good candidate. Yes, that's right, the intrepid bottom feeders of MSG150 are at it again setting out to infest the tattooed hipster haunts, dive bars, and questionable ethnic eateries of Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. If you are not familiar with our previous "work", let us fill you in a bit. We started in 2007 on a whim to eat lunch at all International District restaurants. To keep us on target we printed a map of the ID and drew a path that took us down every side of every block in the neighborhood. In less than a year, we had eaten at and posted reviews of all of the restaurants in the core of the ID. We found many pearls in the bunch but encountered the occasional rotten oyster as well. We have since tacked on Japantown and are moving east of I-5 to fill in Little Saigon. For this new Georgetown adventure, we are planning a less frenetic pace and will take time to sample the available cold beverages as we go. Please enjoy and jump in with your own reviews, comments, or suggestions so we can make fun of you too.

"Why Georgetown," you ask?

In any case, we bring you PBR150*, our latest adventure in forced lunching.


  1. Rules? Where we're going we don't need. . . rules

Designated Lunch Zone

Georgetown is mostly light industrial with all sorts of factories and warehouses but has a few small residential areas as well. It isn't quite the grid that the ID is, compelling us to draw crazy spaghetti monster maps to cover every corner. We've decided to tackle the area defined by the following boundaries starting at the corner of Airport Way South and Corson Ave South, and spiral in clock-wise one side of the street at a time:
  • the rail yard on the north
  • the Duwamish waterway on the west and south
  • Boeing Field to the southeast
  • I-5 on the east

View PBR150 in a larger map


Each of us will write up some comments about each spot and provide a rating. The rating scale is a five point scale:
  • 1 R: dog food! - I'd rather eat my arm.
  • 2 R: not so good - Not likely to go back.
  • 3 R: average - Sure, if everyone's going I'll go along.
  • 4 R: good - These guys are on to something. I'll be back.
  • 5 R: great - Wow! A top 10 lunch spot.
*PBR150 is not affiliated with any brand of beer, bull riding association, or gas company.

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