Friday, December 18, 2009

Lunch #5: Cutting Board

Cutting Board We're back bitches. The old Kurry King on the corner of Airport and Lucile is gone and has been replaced in the last year by the Cutting Board, a Japanese sushi & bento restaurant. We're on it.

Cutting Board, Seattle
Average Rrrrrating: 3.7 R's
Address: 5503 Airport Way S, Seattle, Washington, 98108
Cuisine: Japanese: Sushi
Website: www.cuttingboardseattle.c...
Lunch date: 8/6/2009 @ 12:14:00
Time taken to be seated: 0 minutes
Time to take order: 0 minutes
Time for food to arrive: 18 minutes
Total lengh of meal: 43 minutes
Chair quality: Ikea
Beers on tap: None
Bar type: Bottled Beer & Sake
Year Established: 2009
Number of tables: 8
Number of occupied tables: 5 (62%)
Number of white collar tables: 4 (80%)
Number of blue collar tables: 1 (20%)
Healthcode Score: 5
Links: Yelp! , Urbanspoon
Cutting Board

Luncher: Adam

Chirashi Bowl Lunch: Chirashi Bowl - $9.99

Rrrrating: 3 out of 5 R's

I remember hearing about what a "chirashi bowl" was at the PayScale company picnic 2 years ago. Betsy and Mario were telling us about the wonders of Musashi's in Wallingford. All I can say is: Thanks. Musashi's chirashi bowl is now my benchmark for all other chirashi bowls. If you're unfamiliar with a chirashi bowl, it is bowl of sushi rice with several types of sushi items (typically chef's choice) scattered on top.

I haven't been eating at many sushi restaurants lately, so I almost yelped with excitement to see that they would make me chirashi. I was also excited because it meant I could quit trying to read the completely overwhelming menu. I think a sushi restaurant needs to have lots of "pre-packaged" menu items for the lunch crowd. We like to make quick, simple and (typically) cheap picks.

The rice in the bowl was pretty danged good. And the ingredients on top were artfully arranged. The fish tasted good, but there wasn't anything that really screamed: "I'm amazing!" There were, however, a couple of things in the bowl that screamed: "You have no idea what the eff I am!" I asked the woman working the counter what the unknown food-stuffs were, but I couldn't discern what she was telling me.

Prices are too high for non-amazing food, but I'd go back.

Luncher: Emmett

Samurai Bento Lunch: Samurai Bento - $14.99

Rrrrating: 4 out of 5 R's

Every place we try down here continues to surprise. I was looking forward to some King Kurry but lo, there was a Japanese place here. Kool.

The inside is clean, well-lit, welcoming. There are a few tables up front near the window and even more back around the side. You can see into the kitchen, right behind the counter where you place your order. A sweet Japanese lady greeted us, took our order, pointed us at a table.

BIG menu, and I like a variety, so I went for the pricy Samurai Bento. At $14.99 it made for a spendy lunch but hopefully some goodness will come out of it. The menu doesn't really explain it so allow me. It comes with: Tuna roll. Ginger chicken. Some salmon. A salad. Some edamame. Some fruit. A vegetable dumpling filled with soy beans. I think.

All in all, the sushi was good, but not memorable. It wasn't any better than Fuji or Tsukushinbo. But if you're in G-town and don't want to drive ten minutes to the ID, this is a good spot. Parking is better here too.

Luncher: Geary

Cutting Board Bento Lunch: Cutting Board Bento - $9.99

Rrrrating: 4 out of 5 R's

First, we screwed up by not ordering any rolls. If you come to the Cutting Board, order rolls. I have never seen such a large selection of rolls. As soon as I sat down, after ordering the Cutting Board Bento at the counter, the order of rolls showed up for the table next to us. I was immediately filled with lunch buyers remorse. The massive menu of specialty rolls should have been a hint. See the photos of their lunch below. Luckily, my bento arrived quickly and I was pulled back from the ledge. It had a nice salad and a fresh tuna roll plus some crispy fried fish and tasty beef croquettes. I was also fortunate to avoid the yoshoku dishes, a horrible Japanese nostalgic cuisine the Cutting Board apparently shares with Fort St. George . I would definitely give the Cutting Board a second try, but even though I enjoyed the bento, it will be all rolls for me on my next visit.

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