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Lunch #7: Two Tartes Cafe

Two Tartes Cafe We headed out today not quite sure what the next stop for the PBR150 crew would be. Based on poor advance work we were expecting the falafel truck. However, just past Corson we noticed a small cafe on the street and pulled over to give it a thorough PBR150 working over.

Two Tartes Cafe, Seattle
Average Rrrrrating: 4 R's
Address: 5629 Airport Way S, Seattle, Washington, 98108
Cuisine: American: Deli
Lunch date: 8/21/2009 @ 12:25:00
Time taken to be seated: 0 minutes
Time to take order: 5 minutes
Time for food to arrive: 5 minutes
Total lengh of meal: 50 minutes
Chair quality: Lawn Furniture
Beers on tap: None
Bar type: None
Year Established: 2006
Number of tables: 8
Number of occupied tables: 4 (50%)
Number of white collar tables: 5 (125%)
Number of blue collar tables: 1 (25%)
Healthcode Score: 20
Links: Yelp!, Urbanspoon
Two Tartes Cafe

Luncher: Geary

Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich on Ciabatta with Orzo SaladLunch: Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich on Ciabatta with Orzo Salad - $6.75

Rrrrating: 3 out of 5 R's

Two Tartes is a small bakery with a smaller urban deli up front. There are a few tables inside and, in the summer, a few outside as well. It's an order-at-the-counter kind of place, so we stood in the short line, sized up the menu and the salads in the case, and placed our orders. The menu is the typical upper-end office park deli sort of menu with build-your-own sandwich options, a selection of paninis, and a handful of salad options. The salads looked good so I went with the 1/2 sandwich and salad lunch special for $6.75. I chose the Curry Chicken Salad on a Ciabatta Roll and the Orzo Salad.

We grabbed a table outside on the street (it was still summer) and waited for our lunches. The sandwich was good but a bit bland. The orzo was also fine but not memorable. I was still hungry. Luckily they also sell GIANT cookies. We bought a couple and devoured them. They were fantastic. We then bought a dozen more to share back at the office.

If you work near by, Two Tartes is a nice place to grab a well-made sandwich and salad, but it is not worth a drive otherwise unless you are in the mood for a giant cookie.

Luncher: Adam

Chicken Pesto Sandwich with Chinese Chicken SaladLunch: Chicken Pesto Sandwich with Chinese Chicken Salad - $6.75

Rrrrating: 4 out of 5 R's

Lunch outside on the sidewalk, basking in the late summer Seattle sun... the setting alone makes you love this place.

You can never go wrong with a chicken pesto sandwich. It's chicken and it's pesto and it's good. The Chinese Chicken Salad was composed mostly of American chickens (as far as I could tell), but still had a nice little kick of the Orient. The lunch was... lunchy. Not amazing, not bad. You don't come here for the sandwiches, though.

If you're looking for cookies that will make your face want to melt with awesome... you've found the right place. These cookies are as big as your ugly head, and if you used them as a mask they will make you more beautiful than Helen of Troy. They're huge, they're delicious, and they're economical. In these hard times, you can hardly turn down a cookie of this magnitude.

My recommendation for life: Come here, eat a cookie, and live your remaining years knowing that you've had these amazing cookies.

Luncher: Emmett

Ham and Swiss w/ Pasta SaladLunch: Ham and Swiss w/ Pasta Salad - $6.75

Rrrrating: 5 out of 5 R's

It shouldn't be hard to find a deli that makes a decent sandwich with a decent side of pasta salad for a reasonable price. Yet, this city doesn't deliver in that department. So it was nice to find a bakery that was no-nonsense, had good sandwiches on good bread, good sides, and didn't break the bank.

It was small-- only a few tables, but fortunately outside there were a couple of tables and the weather was good. I had a half ham/swiss and the pasta salad. Not much to say about ham/swiss except it was good. I'm getting hungry just looking at the picture of it. The pasta salad, also fresh, was delicious.

And the cookies. I mean, look at them relative to my iPod, for an idea of scale. These things are incredible. I'm pretty sure they weigh a pound each. We shared a chocolate chip (it had a special name whose name escapes me, but the lady highly recommended it) and a rocky road I think? We got others, unpictured, because we ate them too damn fast.

5? Yeah let that be a lesson to any restaurant. You merit a higher review score on this blog by having amazing cookies.

Luncher: Rob

Caprese Panini with Veggie ChiliLunch: Caprese Panini with Veggie Chili - $6.75

Rrrrating: 4 out of 5 R's

Right off the bat, I have to say that the cookies here are awesome. Bigger than your head and mmm, mmm good. Oh yeah, they have lunch items, as well. I did the soup and sandwich combo. The caprese panini was pretty standard but still tasty because caprese paninis are always tasty. The cup of veggie chili had a nice little kick to it; I liked it. So, the combo by itself I would give a 3. But then the cookies came out -- so good -- definitely 5R cookies. In all, the combo + the cookies = 4. If I'm hankering for a cookie with my lunch, I'm heading back to the Two Tartes.

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